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More than 45,000 patients treated, every one unique.

The Mayfield Spine Surgery Center offers state-of-the-art minimally invasive outpatient spine surgery and pain management procedures in a comfortable, patient-friendly environment. Over the last 10 years, specialists of Mayfield Brain & Spine have performed more than 13,000 surgeries at the center and more than 34,000 procedures. Experienced, caring, and dedicated to each individual patient, our physicians and staff represent one of the most trusted names in neurosurgery. Find out more here, or schedule an MRI review at no cost to you.

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Meet our team

Physician spotlight: Dr. Marc Orlando

Dr. Orlando is a physiatrist specializing in interventional spinal treatments and therapies.
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Physician spotlight: Dr. Michael Kachmann

Dr. Kachmann is a board certified neurosurgeon.
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Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain

Mayfield's Dr. Tann Nichols discusses spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain. If you have been suffering from chronic pain in the lower back, leg (sciatica), or arm for 3 months or more, you may be a candidate for a spinal cord stimulator.

Anisa, holding her baby granddaughter.

Anisa's story

chronic pain

Anisa Longe still remembers the day her new spinal cord stimulator was turned on at Mayfield Brain & Spine. "I thought I was going to run and jump out the door," Anisa says. "I felt ecstatic."

Anisa, who was injured in a serious car accident, had suffered debilitating pain for a generation: from the birth of her daughter until the birth of her granddaughter. Multiple surgeries, including a fusion, failed to help her through her "darkest days."

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