Ownership disclosure

What to expect

The Mayfield Spine Surgery Center is a partnership between the spine specialists of the Mayfield Clinic and United Surgical Partners International, a leading owner and operator of short-stay surgical facilities.

You have the right to use a health care provider or facility other than the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center for outpatient surgical services prescribed by us. Please feel certain that you will not be treated differently if you choose to have your surgery at a facility other than the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center.

The following physicians, through their ownership in the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center, are committed to maintaining the exceptional quality and service that patients and their families deserve and expect:

  • Steven Bailey, MD
  • Robert Bohinski, MD, PhD
  • Donald Carruthers, MD
  • Bradford Curt, MD
  • Vincent DiNapoli, MD, PhD
  • Yair M. Gozal, MD, PhD
  • Randall Hlubek, MD
  • Michael Kachmann, MD
  • Bryan Krueger, MD
  • Christopher McPherson, MD
  • Tann Nichols, MD
  • Marc Orlando, MD
  • Andrew Ringer, MD
  • Bradbury Skidmore, MD
  • Zachary J. Tempel, MD
  • William Tobler, MD

At the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center, patient safety comes first.