Patient Safety & Rights

At the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center,
patient safety comes first.

Our mission is to care for each patient and their family as if they were our own. We are passionate about serving that mission with each patient, each family, each and every time. Nowhere is this more important than in the safety of our patients.

The Mayfield Spine Surgery Center is regulated, inspected, and licensed by the Ohio Department of Health, and has been since it opened in 2007. The Center also is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC). Our most recent survey was in 2020.

All of our neurosurgeons are board-certified and are members of Mayfield Brain & Spine, one of the leading neurosurgery practices in the United States. All are highly specialized and operate in area hospitals as well as our surgery center. All of our nurses are required to have critical care experience prior to being hired. All of these professionals have expertise in spine surgery. Our Anesthesia providers are not only experts in the provision of anesthesia in an outpatient setting but also provide services in Cincinnati area hospitals.

All of the physicians who provide medical services at our ASC are credentialed by our facility, which includes, but is not limited to, degree verification, queries with the American Medical Association (AMA) & National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), and DEA license verification. We also perform ongoing internal peer review.

We take quality care seriously at the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center. We have multiple committees that include representatives of our clinical nursing staff, our surgical team, and our anesthesia partners. These committees function as the core of our Quality Program at the Center, which is overseen by the Center’s governing board. The emphasis of our program is to identify opportunities for improvement before adverse events occur.

Our Quality Improvement programs seek out these opportunities systematically and our staff members are recognized when they identify these opportunities in the course of their work. Process variances both great and small are considered, and we use formal quality improvement methods to ensure that we are constantly improving clinical safety at our facility in order to eliminate adverse events.

The Center utilizes numerous protocols and policies to protect our patients in the event of an emergency. Our emergency carts are always fully stocked, and their contents are approved by both our Quality Committees and our anesthesia partners. Because of the critical nature of these carts, their contents are reviewed at the beginning of every day. We also have Glide Scopes available for immediate intubation with a consistently clear, real-time view of a patient’s airway. Our critical mechanical systems (e.g., oxygen, electricity) have built-in redundancy; surgical cases do not start if this redundancy is not in place.

In the event of an emergency that requires a hospital transfer, we will call 911. That call will go to the Norwood Fire Department, which has the capability to access our facility even outside normal operating hours. Working in the same community, we have developed a very strong relationship with their team of EMTs and Paramedics. Their response time is within 3 minutes of the call to our facility. Onsite, they will transport the patient to a hospital in one of the Tri-Health, Mercy or Christ health systems for additional care.

Our Surgery Center fully participates in the annual Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Culture of Safety Survey. We are proud to share that we consistently score well above the national average.

Our management company, United Surgical Partners, Inc., is a founding member of a national organization called the ASC Quality Collaboration, which has established safety and quality measures to collect and report quality performance in ASCs.

We utilize an industry-leading quality reporting system that links our facility’s rigorous process to identify clinical events (both positive and negative) with technology that allows us to continuously improve upon our record of excellent patient safety.

As a facility, we are fully transparent with our most current Patient Experience scores on our website and we are proud to report that 96% of our patients in 2017 would recommend our center to friends and family based on their experience with us.

All surgeons disclose their ownership in our facility to patients when they recommend surgery at the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center. Additionally, a physician ownership disclosure document is available on our website in the “About” and “For Patients” sections.

Pre-Admissions Testing nurses, along with our anesthesia partner and quality committees, work hard to make sure we select the appropriate patients for surgery in our facility. Likewise, our physicians must follow strict guidelines regarding which patients are appropriate for treatment here.

We work to mitigate any ethical concerns by having surgical patients medically cleared by a qualified provider who does not have ownership in the facility. Our anesthesia group, which is independent and does not have ownership in the facility, is an integral partner in this clearance and reviews every surgical patient’s medical history prior to surgery. We require specialist review and clearance for relevant issues, such as cardiac and pulmonary, based on the patient’s medical history.

If you have further questions about safety preparedness at our center, please contact the facility Administrator, at 513.619.5895.

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