Audrey Johnson : Lower Back Care

Audrey's Story

For Audrey Johnson, the freedom to move and to care for her family has been a theme of her adult life. As the spouse of a career Airman, U.S.A.F, Audrey supported her husband Tsgt Michael Johnson and  family during his 21 years of military service. From Okinawa, Japan to military bases throughout the United States, they’ve raised three children, while she also served as a substitute teacher and in support positions at a local school district. 

In 2005, her domestic responsibilities increased—Michael began having health issues. Within a few years, the physical demands of serving as Michael’s primary caregiver, as well as maintaining their home, started to take a toll on her lower back. The pain she felt led her to Mayfield Spine Surgery Center. 

“My number one priority is caring for Michael, and making him as comfortable as possible. I knew I had to do something about my own pain,” said Audrey. 

Audrey met with Dr. Marc Orlando, M.D., who is the Medical Director for Pain Management and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at Mayfield Spine Surgery Center.   

Audrey credits Dr. Orlando and his Team at Mayfield Spine Surgery Center with exceptional care planning and treatment. 

“If it weren’t for their warmth and passion, and the empathic care provided to me at the Center, I couldn’t continue to be the primary caregiver to my husband.”  

Audrey has shared her story with friends and family with similar lower back problems and has highly recommended Dr. Orlando and Mayfield Spine Surgery Center for their exemplary care.